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2024 Runly Events | Fun Runs, Marathons & Ultras

2024 Runly Events | Fun Runs, Marathons & Ultras

We've compiled a list of our confirmed list of Australian running events we'll be attending in 2024.

It is one of Runly's missions - to connect with the running community - and running events are the best place to do it. At most events, we'll be popping up with an activation where you can try on our running vests & belts plus purchase products.

These are our confirmed events so far for 2024.
Note: we'll be updating this regularly as we add more events.


Event Completed? Date Location
Flinders Running Festival YEP 25-Feb-24 Flinders
Geelong River Run YEP 3-Mar-24 Geelong
Wangaratta Marathon YEP 17-Mar-24 Wangaratta
Merribek Fun Run YEP 24-Mar-24 Coburg
Mornington Running Festival YEP 28-Apr-24 Mornington
Peninsula Running Festival YEP 8-Jun-24 Rosebud
Surf Coast Trail Marathon - 15-Jun-24 Fairhaven
Peaks & Trails Dunkeld - 11-Aug-24 Dunkeld
Maribyrnong Fun Run - 8-Sep-24 Maribyrnong
City-Bay Fun Run (TBC) - 15-Sep-24 Adelaide
Frankston Running Festival - 17-Nov-24 Frankston
Lara Fun Run - 1-Dec-24 Lara