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Runly Newsletter

A weekly blog for runners to get inspiration, product guides and pro tips.

The Runly Logo Explained

It occurred to me this week that many would not know what the Runly logo is. This thought came about in a few ways; firstly it was brought up in the Team Runly Strava group. Is it a bull? Someone said it looked like a running route - fitting for a Strava post. At a similar time I also had someone email asking what it represented. And just a week or two at an event someone asked if it was a fox.  Well, none of those are true.

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Sale, Copycats & Big Strava Numbers!

I think some people thrive where it's calm, where you can think, plan and take an extra second to breathe. Not me, I find calm in the chaos. Events, marketing campaigns, product design, product releases and engaging with the community. Here is what has been happening behind the scenes this week:

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Trail Mara, Mid-Year Sale & Amazing Responses!

It's been a busy week at HQ! Let me break it down for you.

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Seasonality, Conversations & New Events

I've got a question for you. Do you think running is seasonal? I've been told this a number of times heading into the Australian winter. But I'm undecided on whether it's true or not.

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We've Run Out Of Cash

Okay, sorry about the dramatic subject line 😅 I promise you we're good. Let me explain. I've always said this newsletter is about giving you a real behind the scenes of the brand. Not just the fun stuff. Or the new stuff. Or the shiny stuff. Everything. Well, we've run out of cash.

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Well, have I got a story to tell you.

Hey guys! Grab a cup of tea, I've got a story.   This happened a couple of days ago.   I've been sweating on stock to arrive so that we can send out the big batch of pre-orders that are due.   It's been weighing on me for weeks.  ...

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Runly In Scandinavia?

Well, here's something you probably weren't expecting in this week's founder update. Over the last couple of months, but more frequently in the last couple of weeks we've been testing the waters on some international markets. Could Runly be sold worldwide? Why not, right?

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This is not as big as you might think it is.

After a couple of interesting discussions this week it occurred to me that sometimes the perception of Runly right now is that it's much bigger than it is. This week I've spoken to both external people in events and retail and they both mentioned how big Runly had become. I also spoke with a close friend who had the perception that Runly was huge. That was really interesting to me, because it's not ha.

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