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Running Blog

A weekly blog for runners to get inspiration, product guides and pro tips.

Nutrition Diary: How to Fuel For Your First Marathon

Today we are going to crack the case of fueling for your first marathon, unlocking the secrets to sustained energy, peak performance, and crossing that finish line with a smile on your face. Okay, maybe not a smile. More a half smile-grimace situation.

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The Business of Running: What I've Learnt Owning A Running Brand

If you're like me, you've probably been running your whole life in some capacity. For me, running was a tool to improve my sport. Footy, cricket, basketball, soccer - you name it. Of course, like thousands of others, I also participated in Little Athletics. I was good, but I wasn't...

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Consider These 7 Things Before Buying a Hydration Vest

As your interest in running grows from shiny new obsession to serious hobby, you know that there's more to it than just nice shoes and Strava posts. The longer you stay on the road or trail, the more gear you need to sustain yourself through those long runs. Not just...

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The Runners' Code: 6 Things I learnt from Starting a Running Brand

I launched Runly in 2021. Almost two and a half years ago now. It's wild to think how far we've come. Naturally, I've spent some time reflecting as we've hopped across into the new year.If you don't know the Runly story, let me give you a brief background.I started Runly...

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Running Vest vs Running Belt | What You Need To Know

In this comparison of running vests and running belts, we'll try and show you the use cases for both, unravelling their distinctive features, from storage capacities to comfort nuances, to help you decide which one is perfect for your own running adventures.

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How Runly Was Started

Many of you will already know my story. Perhaps you know just a little bit of it. Either way, I wanted to share a bit more about how Runly came to be, and perhaps more importantly, why.   In the last few months we've added several thousand new members to the...

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5 Things I've Learnt from Ultrarunner Sally McRae

This year I've become borderline obsessed with the concept of ultrarunning. I've watched countless documentaries, read books, listened to podcasts and followed some amazing ultra runners on social media. My favourite, Sally McRae is built different. Different gravy, as they say. Here are the five things that I've learnt from Sally McRae after listening to her podcast, watching her documentaries and reading her book

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Running Wild: Victoria's 7 Best Trail Runs Revealed

Join us as we delve into the best of Victoria's trail running adventures, where every trail tells a story of exploration, connection, and awe-inspiring natural wonders.

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