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R700 Pre-Order Update

Update: December 19th 10.56am


Amazing news.

Stock arrived yesterday afternoon as planned. We unpacked, sorted and started our dispatch immediately.

All orders will be sent by this afternoon! You'll receive an email or sms with your tracking information (please allow up to 24 hours for it to update).

I better get back to packing your orders.

Thank you again for your patience!


Update: December 15th 10.39am


Amazing news ahead of the weekend. Just got official confirmation stock will be delivered to us on Monday.

That means you can expect that we would have all pre-orders dispatched by Wednesday at the latest!

Thanks again for your patience & understanding. It truly has meant a lot.


Update: December 14th 10.07am

Still waiting on delivery confirmation.

I'm on the phone with the shipping agent every few hours trying to get things moving as fast as possible.

Inside the network it's moving slowly, very slowly. As we've already been cleared for processing, we literally just need someone to move our goods into the collection area so we can grab them. It's really frustrating!

Probably the most frustrating aspect for me has been the inability to just get on the phone and chat to someone directly in the network. It's always through an agent or 3rd party. It means that information is often second-hand and not real-time.

I'd deliver every R700 pre-order on foot myself at this point if it meant I could deliver them today.

Hopefully more positive news to come shortly. We're so close. So close.

Thanks for your continued patience!



Update: December 12th 7.31am


Over the weekend the refresh button on my computer was working overtime as I was waiting for the confirmation that finally, clearance has been processed.

If you're like me, and you're not a logistical connoisseur, basically that means that our stock can be cleared through and arranged for delivery to our warehouse.

Of course, they don't give you much more than two words on the tracking information saying 'clearance complete', but that's all I needed to hear to be enthused!

After speaking with our shipping agent I'm now told that the goods get processed for delivery to our warehouse.

Unfortunately they don't provide you with a time or day. I'll be sitting here on the edge of my seat looking out the window for a delivery truck until it arrives.

I can't thank you enough for your patience throughout. It's been incredibly uplifting to hear many of your words of support and understanding.

It's just me here. Writing these updates, sending emails, managing customer experience, designing products, creating videos and everything in-between. To have such a supportive community around the brand is incredible.

We're on the home stretch now. I'm hoping my next update will be that stock has arrived to the warehouse.



Update: December 8th 12.35pm

Good afternoon,

These last few days have been rather frustrating. After good news earlier in the week we're still waiting for clearance to be able to go in and grab our stock.

I'd love to be able to give you a rock solid guarantee on when your order will be dispatched right now, but unfortunately we're just waiting for the go ahead to be able to grab our stock.

I'm optimistic that we're almost there however, it can't be much longer until we're cleared through.

Thank you once again for your patience and understanding around the circumstances that are very much out of our control.

Once we get stock in our hands, they'll be sent rapid fire.


Update: December 4th 8.40am

Following on from the brief update on Saturday morning, we have indeed docked in Melbourne and waiting for unload, which can take a few days.

If all goes to plan (yes, I know), there's a good chance all pre-orders could be fully dispatched by Friday!

I will provide another update shortly.



Update: December 2nd 8.37am

Good news to start the weekend! We've docked!
More to come on Monday.


Update: November 30th 6.13am

Good morning.

Well, not exactly the update I was hoping to have today. This shipping saga has been wild and is really giving off pandemic-vibes.

The good news is that we're in Melbourne, but we have been for a few days just waiting on space to dock.

We haven't yet been given an allocated space to dock to unload and get the goods into our warehouse.

Our shipping agent tells us that because of the port strike + attempted cyber attack on the port as mentioned in the previous updates that there is serious congestion.

This is us here, just sitting there waiting for our turn to dock.


Our dock day has been updated to December 1st.

I've got my fingers and toes crossed.

If I could, I would swim out there and get them myself, but unfortunately I'm a better runner than I am swimmer.

I can't thank you enough for your patience and understanding as you wait for your R700 Hydration Vest.

It goes without saying but this is very much out of our control, but rest assured I am doing my best to stay on top of every movement and update so that I can keep you informed.

Thanks again & stay tuned for my next update.



Update: November 27th 11.23am

Update as of this morning is that we're currently expected to be docked & unloaded on the 29th of November (this Wednesday).

Hopefully my next update is a big update that we're well and truly on the move.

Thanks for your patience & understanding!



Update: November 23rd 6.31am

Good morning,

I'm back with a further update on the incoming pre-order stock of R700 Hydration Vests.

You can't script this.

I was informed by our shipping agent late last evening that strikes across Australian ports will cause another small delay.

Our shipment has arrived and was meant to be unloaded today, but it's currently sitting in or around the port without the ability to be unloaded and sent to our warehouse.

It's incredibly frustrating. It goes without saying, but this is something very much outside of our control.

I will keep you updated over the next couple of days. Hopefully, the industrial action will be sorted swiftly, and we'll be on our way.

We're so close now.

What we can control is, once our shipment hits our warehouse, we're going to be working overtime to get your orders out to you as fast as we possibly can.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding - it really means a lot.



Update: November 20th 3.51pm

No further updates to make at this stage. Waiting to hear when we'll be given space in the port to unload.

By all reports and having spoken to some friends in the retail space over the weekend, the port and network congestion right now is pretty wild, not helped by the recent attempted cyber attacks on the ports.

Hopefully no further delays, but currently no confirmed date/time for docking and unloading.

I'll update here again when I have some more information.



Update: November 15th 6.54am

Good morning,

I've setup this page to give you an update on the R700 pre-order.

Unfortunately, there has been a delay.

I woke up this morning with absolute dread and disappointment knowing I was going to have to give you an update to let you know that the shipment has been delayed, rather than some good news.

You may have seen on the news across the last week that Australian ports were subject to a cyber-attack:

Unfortunately as I mentioned last week, this is on top of what was already a congested shipping network in Australia.

So, here's the update as of today:

I'm told by our shipping agent that our delivery of R700's is now expected to arrive to the port on Nov 23rd. He's going to do his best to expedite the process of then getting the products to our warehouse but that will take a few days.

I would expect dispatch by November 28th.

I'm incredibly sorry for the delay. I understand that it is largely out of our control but I can't help feel a little anxious and disappointed that I've had to deliver news to you of a delay.

Thanks for your support & understanding on this. Your emails of reassurance and understanding have really been amazing.

I'll be sure to send out another email + update this page as soon as more information comes in.