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Spring Running Season, Vests Almost Sold out & Hydration Vest Pre-Order

Spring Running Season, Vests Almost Sold out & Hydration Vest Pre-Order

Hey Guys!
Here's the thing.
I feel like we're almost at a tipping point for Runly. A good one. After almost two years of business, we've done a lot, made a lot of small decisions that hopefully are going to lead to bigger things.
But I am not delusional.
I know we're still small. Like, really small compared to many of the big brands competing in this space.
But we're here to do things differently. To run our own race. That's exciting because you're here, running right next to us.
The next few months could be a catalyst for some big brand changes;
- More stock (gosh, we need to try to stop selling out lol)
- More products
- A new space for Runly
I'll keep you updated on all of those in this newsletter, of course.


Sunny mornings, longer afternoons, the best running season is here!

It's the perfect time to hit the pavement or trail.

Runners know, there's something magic about springtime runs. The feeling of renewed energy in each stride. It's an invitation to get out there and embrace the season.

We'll be launching a fresh spring campaign sometime next week! Stay tuned 👀



I feel like I've got this one on repeat every week.

If you've been following along this roller coaster of getting stock and then selling out, you'll know we got stock only last week!

Now, it's almost gone again.

We genuinely can't keep up at the moment.

The good news is that we've got our biggest ever stock order currently in production. 

But for now, there's limited vests left. If you want to avoid the wait, you can get one of the last ones here.


R700 Hydration Vest is now available for pre-order! 💧

By pre-ordering now at the earlybird VIP price, you're securing your spot to receive this game-changing gear as soon as it arrives.

Plus, we've got a killer pre-order offer in store for you – a VIP discount + free socks!

Gear up for the spring running season.


As we embrace the spring running season and gear up for new adventures, we want to express our gratitude for being part of the Runly community. Your support, feedback, and stories continue to inspire us.

We're here to make your runs more enjoyable and your goals more attainable.

Cheers to Spring.
Run well,

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