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Spring Sale, R700 Pre-Order & New Products? 👀

Spring Sale, R700 Pre-Order & New Products? 👀

Hey Guys!

Can you feel it?

That little bit of extra sun, warmer evenings, leafy runs?

It's Springggg.

The best running season of the year (don't @ me!).

What a time of the year to get out there and work towards a PB or just enjoy the vibe.

This week my local track has been absolutely pumping with people getting out there and I love to see it.

Is it the same in your neck of the woods?



If you missed the email earlier in the week, we just launched our Spring Running Sale to celebrate the new running season.
There's 30% off storewide.
The Runly Vest has been going crazy and there's only a few left, the R700 Hydration Vest is on pre-order with the sale & of course our famous socks are on sale too.
If you've been looking to get yourself a vest, or secure an R700 Hydration Vest - now is a great time.


The last week has been quite overwhelming, actually.
If you read this email on a regular basis you probably know we launched the R700 Hydration Vest - our first ever hydration vest earlier this year, and it sold out so quickly.
Now, they're on pre-order and moving so quickly with the special earlybird pre-order offer.
I mentioned this in a previous email too, but let me tell you, R700 Hydration Vests are not cheap to make.

In fact, if we had a consultant come through and take a look they'd probably give us a good old whack.
But you know what, we're thrilled to be paying more. Why? Because they're quality.
After selling out we've got our biggest ever stock on order.
If you're looking to secure yours, you can do it here.


I've been thinking, a lot.
Runly has created two really unique & high-quality products that allow you to carry your stuff incredibly efficiently.
But. What if...
What if that could translate to other areas? Could we make the carry experience better for cyclists? Hikers? Mountain bikers? Travelers? Commuters?
So here's what I'll put to you guys, the amazing Runly community.
What is a practical use case for the Runly product?
How could it be altered to solve another problem?
Drop a reply to this blog post!



As always, run well. Oh, and don't forget to check out the sale before it ends!


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