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Back On Deck, New Stock Updates & Pre-Orders

Back On Deck, New Stock Updates & Pre-Orders

Hey Guys!

We're on the cusp of the busiest time of the year - just a few weeks away.

I was shocked when on the weekend I entered my local shopping centre to hear some Christmas jingles. It's that time already.


We're also coming into the best season of the year for runners. In my humble opinion, this is truly the most magnificent time to hit the track, trails or footpaths.

The weather a little warmer, the sun shines longer and that fresh smell of nature is strong.

If you're not already excited for the best running season of the year, you should be!



Perhaps you've missed me, maybe you didn't notice! 
For the last couple of weeks I've been enjoying my honeymoon across the UK & Italy.
It was a trip my wife & I had been planning for so long.
As a small business owner, I have always found it difficult to travel and work - even on 'work trips'!
But, I did manage to rise early, get some exercise in and whip the laptop out each morning to make sure your email enquiries were answered, production is on track and bills have been paid.
One thing I love about travel is that you get to see and experience trends, how people live, work and operate in different cultures.
Here's one thing I noticed you might be interested in.
If you've ever been to London you've probably walked around Hyde Park. London's 350-acre central park.
The park is filled with runners - both serious and casual.
The thing I noticed: around 50-60% of all runners I saw had some kind of vest/belt/hydration on them.
I noticed the trend straight away.
When I go down to my local track, my guess is that number is closer to 10-25%.
It's nothing more than an interesting (and isolated) trend that I observed, but certainly one that provides some food for thought for the market here in Australia and growth potential that there is in the sports-carry space.


You may well be aware.. but we're sold out.
BOTH of our vests are sold out - the Runly Vest & the R700 Hydration Vest.
But the good news is that they're not too far away.
Thank you to those that have got in on the pre-order offer currently on the website right now.
Here's the current stock arrival expectations as of today:
Runly Vest: 3-4 weeks (earlyish Nov)
R700 Vest: 2-3 weeks
I'll send out a separate email once I have more concrete information on dispatch dates to those that have pre-ordered!


If you're wanting to get in on the pre-order action and secure either the original Runly Vest or the R700 Hydration Vest there's only limited time left to do so.
After selling out four times already, we can't guarantee stock to those that don't pre-order.

As always, run well.


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