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Going All-In

Going All-In

Hey guys!

Have you ever had that all-in feeling?
That's how I feel about Runly.
If you read my email from last week, I've just come back from our honeymoon in Europe. Amazing.
But I've come back with a real sense of purpose.
In the last week I've spoken to a lot of people in the industry and the support and encouragement to have an Australian player in the market is immense.
That's something I'm really proud of.
The unfortunate thing is that Australia on the world-scale is a fairly small market.
What that means is that some of the big brands don't even bother sending all of their good stock across to Australia.
We're often left with the dribs and drabs of what they decide to sell here.
I'm hoping that Runly will be at the forefront of the running space here in Australia for our quality products.
There's no doubt that the brand is gaining some momentum out there.
One of the retailers who took us on early days and had a bit of a slow start emailed me yesterday;

'Robbie, I need more vests! There's definitely an increase in demand for these'.

It's a trend we're seeing across the board.
And I hope this doesn't sound like a sales pitch, because I'm just really proud of what we're doing here.
But we've brought Australian-designed & owned products to the running market.


If you're wanting to get in on the pre-order action and secure either the original Runly Vest or the R700 Hydration Vest there's only limited time left to do so.
After selling out four times already, we can't guarantee stock to those that don't pre-order.
As always, run well.
Quality products that hopefully will become the go-to choice for runners across the country.
Thanks for being here for the journey. It's going to be a fun one!

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