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We Could've Died 5 Times

We Could've Died 5 Times

Hey guys!

Runly was launched in 2021.
Between September 2021 and May 2023 (20 months) the business could've died about 5 times.
What a weird blog post to be posting here.
A blog post about how this brand, one that many of you have come to love, who wear it weekly, sometimes daily, nearly didn't exist.
Take a look at this graph:

What you're looking at here is basically how many people are interested in Runly.

The graph shows that it wasn't until about May 2023 that people truly started caring or being interested in the brand.
What the graph doesn't necessarily show, is that the 18 months prior were really hard.
A slog.
Few people knew what Runly was.
Sales were much fewer.
Engagement was much lower.
And perhaps the question that some may be thinking is, 'that's great Robbie, but why are you showing us this?'.
Well, I wanted to show you this for two reasons.
The first reason is that it's a perfect representation of real life.
Behind the scenes people may not see how hard you're working, and there's no shiny rewards or recognition.
That's definitely the story for Runly. Countless early mornings and late nights grinding away with almost no cash in the bank, a small audience, but a strong vision.
The second reason is the uptick you see from May 2023 is because of you.
People like you that have supported Runly, an Australian innovation.
I often get emails about how Runly customers are so happy with their vest that they've been telling all of their friends who have also got one.
That makes me happy.
Now, there was numerous times over the last 1-2 years we could've pulled the pin.
A number of times we nearly ran out of money and it took a while to get some recognition and awareness.

It was a bit of an ugly process.
It was very uncertain.
In all honesty it was unprofitable.
And I'm not saying that we're now this big business growing at a hundred miles an hour.
Far from it.
In fact, I haven't paid myself a cent from this business yet.
Every dollar has been re-invested back into the brand to help more runners, develop and order new products, innovate, test new technologies and increase awareness.
Hopefully this gives you a bit more context on Runly the brand and the journey we've been on for the last couple of years!
Thanks for being on this journey with us.
As always,
Run well.


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