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Stories & Community

Stories & Community

Hey Guys! 

I don’t think I could ever start a Runly newsletter without saying something along the lines of ‘well, it’s been a big week here at Runly’, because it really does feel like every week is a big one!

If you’re new here, my name is Robbie, I’m the founder of Runly and every week I send this newsletter to give you an insight into Runly the brand, the people, the good stuff and the bad.

Since I wrote last week’s email, we’ve attended our 2nd event of the year at Geelong River Run, locked in several more events and have planned our next product release for (hopefully) the end of this month.

Geelong River Run

We had such a good today out in Geelong. We were invited to setup down at the Geelong River Run by PB Events (who are absolute legends).

This was so easy for us, as they had already set up a tent for us, so all we brought down was some stock and a good attitude!

Compared the previous week where we were in the car before 4am, this was a little smoother for us with an extra hour’s sleep and an easier drive down the highway from Melbourne.

The weather was absolutely pristine for a morning run, the water glistened and you could feel the vibe about the place was high.

I love it when events go to an effort to create some atmosphere, not just for the runners, but for family and friends too who get so much out of the experience as well.

Things like music, a small stage, food vans and cool brands popped up in a European-style square goes along way.

It was a pleasure to be a part of it.

We met so many legends there - runners, friends, other brands and even some old friends that popped in.

We probably counted about 10-12 people that came over hoping to try on our R700 Hydration Vest as they had seen it online. Unfortunately (as many of you know) it’s out of stock and on pre-order!

Hopefully by our next event we’ll be able to have some in stock!


One thing I’m big on is storytelling. And runners, well, they have some of the best stories of all.

If you’re like me, you’ve watched many running documentaries. There’s probably 500 high quality running docos on YouTube that you can sink your teeth into.

But for the most part, these docos follow high-end athletes, often to big events like Western States.

I’m interested in the grassroots stories of runners. Because, we all have overcome things in our running journey. Whether it’s injury, trauma, grief or a myriad of other things that can impact upon our ability to go out and do what we love.

This is something that I am focused on sharing with you throughout this year.

I’ve already started talking with runners to learn about their story. For example, Ash, an absolute legend who wears Runly with pride. She tells the story of how running has been the constant in her life despite what’s going on in her personal life. It’s challenged her limiting beliefs, given her mental clarity.

”Run happy, run sad. Run through divorce, run to make friends. Run fit, run in recovery. Run for mental clarity & strength, run to relax. No matter what state I’m in, I know a good run is what I need.”

I’ve followed Ash on social media and love how engaged she is with her community, whether it’s volunteering at her local parkrun, getting amongst run clubs or traveling across the state to attend running events.

We need more of these stories and I hope to share more with you throughout the year.


Are you on Strava? Join Team Runly and engage with other like-minded legends over there!

Run well, Robbie.

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