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The Good, The Bad & The 10 Year Vision

The Good, The Bad & The 10 Year Vision

Hey Guys,

I hope that you're enjoying my weekly email update. It's something that I too get a lot out of.
I love the idea of building a community, and part of that is giving you a transparent look behind the scenes of Runly.
It's been a week - both good and bad.
The good - we launched our Black Friday campaign last week and it's been awesome to get more vests (and now belts) onto more runners across the country.
The bad - we've been waiting for a new shipment of R700 Hydration Vests that have been on pre-order for a while now but we've dealt with delays due to both a cyber attack at one of the ports we were meant to arrive at AND a strike at the same port. You couldn't script that.
That's the nature of being a business owner, I suppose. You take the good with the bad and hope that the good transcends the bad.
Here's an update on what's happening BTS at Runly:

👀 Vision

Last week I had the privilege to meet with a really big hitter in the sports-lifestyle retail industry.
This guy has done it all.
He spoke to me about crafting your vision, the ten-year plan and goal for the brand.
It was a really eye-opening experience for me because it forced me to put pen to paper on what that looked like.
Let me set the scene for you on that.
I hope that in ten years Runly will be a household name in the global running community.
A trusted brand.
Products across different categories - vests, belts, hydration, socks, caps & eyewear.
I envision a selection of stores across the country attracting runners far and wide.
An engaged community of runners sharing stories, tips and expertise to others.
That's my vision.
Hope that sounds exciting for you, too!

🏃 Running Belt

Did you catch the news this week?
We've launched our first running belt!
The Glide Running Belt in Black is the first running belt in the Runly collection.
It's based on our best-selling Original Runly Vest and uses a similar neoprene technology which is super comfortable but perhaps even more importantly, it's VERY anti-bounce.
It's something I'm really proud of and I've been wearing it on my daily runs.
It's currently on sale for a limited time in our Black Friday sale. I've only ordered a small number of them, so if you're keen to get one before they sell out tap here.
That's a wrap for this week.
Thanks for your support as always.
Run well,

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