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Wait, on a Saturday?

Wait, on a Saturday?

Hey Guys!

If you usually read my weekly email, you might be wondering why I'm sending it on a Saturday afternoon, rather than the usual Thursday.
Well, it's been some week.
On Thursday this week we launched our Black Friday campaign for 2023 and although fun, very tiring!
It's been some week alright.
A Black Friday campaign, dealing with the current logistics nightmare at the moment in Australia and quietly releasing a new product.
But I took this morning off (kinda') and I'm feeling refreshed.
This afternoon I went down to a local social running club near me celebrating their 1st birthday and donated a couple of vests for prizes.
It really made me appreciate the social aspect of running. The community. 'Why we run' as they say.
Can't wait to launch into many more events in 2024.

✅ Black Friday 

I've launched around 20 Black Friday campaigns in my career. In retail it's one of the most exciting, yet stressful times of the year.
There's more customers, more volume, more logistics, more problems to solve, more things to do.
It's chaos. But I often tell people I find this weird calm amongst the chaos this time of the year.
It feels weirdly normal to me. Some of you will hate me for this, but I enjoy nothing more than cranking the Christmas tunes on the speaker and punching out some work.
It's a vibe.
A great time of the year.
Our Black Friday campaign has been going well so far and we have many new faces around here because of it.
If that's you, hey! You can read more about the Runly story here.
If you haven't checked out the Black Friday campaign so far, check out the deals here!
That's all for this week.
I'm going for a run.

As always,
Run well.

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