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Have your say on the 'Runly Tent!'

Have your say on the 'Runly Tent!'

Hey Guys,

I've had a good week.
Before I write this weekly newsletter I usually note down a couple of things I'm going to talk about.
But there was too many this week!
So I'm just going to cover a few.
This week has felt like a good one because I'm really feeling a connection with you, the Runly community.
Messages, comments and DM's have been amazing and I feel very privileged to not just lead a brand, but a community.


Some of you have already found your way onto the Team Runly Strava Club, if you haven't get yourself over there!
I'm going to be posting a lot more.
It's amazing to see the Runly community putting in the work all over Australia.
Run after run. Kilometre after kilometre. It's inspiring for me and I'm sure it's inspiring for everyone else in the community to see.
Earlier in the week I posted about whether anyone based in Melbourne would be keen for a meetup and run. You can let me know here.
📢 2024 EVENTS
As I mentioned in my email last week, one of my goals is to get to quite a few events in 2024.
There is no better way to engage with you guys & the running community than by being there at the events and chatting over a post-run drink.
I've been reaching out to a lot of events over the last week - both big and small.
If I'm being honest, it's been a real mixed response.
My enthusiasm and energy became a little subdued; some responded instantly with a quote to setup that is worth more than our entire business!
Some are yet to respond and others let's just say have been difficult to converse with.
But hey, I get it. We're all busy doing our thing.
In saying that, I've spoken to 2 or 3 amazing event organisers who are really keen to have us there next year!
A big thank you to everyone who replied to my email last week with suggestions on which events to try - I reached out to all of them.
As a bit of a side story, I spoke with one organiser, who I won't name because I haven't asked for permission, but he made a point to me about sustainability in races.
There's a growing desire (and pressure) for organisers to be more environmentally sustainable which really, is a win for everyone.
And one of the things he said was that we're likely going to see in some high-profile events the requirement of runners to carry their own water.
For running festivals and events where the distance is lower, this could be a big change. Instead of a bunch of drink stations along a course runners perhaps will need to carry their own.
Enter: Runly.
An interesting development in the space to keep an eye on.
If you know of any organisers or events we should reach out to please let me know by replying to this email!
So, we probably shouldn't be rocking up to any events looking like amateur-hour.
I want to get a 'Runly Tent' made to bring along to the events that we attend.
Here's where I need your help.
What should it look like?
What should we call it?
What would you want to see in the Runly Tent?
I'm open to all suggestions and if you have any ideas please reply to this email!
As always,
Run well.


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