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Dips, Highs & Lows

Dips, Highs & Lows

Morning Guys!

I've had a pretty wild start to the year!

There's been so much happening, there hasn't really been a moment to take a breath!

Are we really at the end of March already? Feels like we were just bringing in the New Year last week.

Easter? Stop it!

In the last 6 weeks we've attended four events. That's been so much fun.

You just can't help but feed off the energy from the running community. It's incredible.

We've launched new products, re-stocked and sold out.

We've had teething issues like our emails completely going down for 4 days and reaching capacity of our pre-order and selling out of our best-selling product way before anticipated.

These are growing pains, I suppose.

If you've been around here for a while, you probably know that Runly kinda' exploded about 9/10 months ago.

Before that, the first 18 months were a slog.

But this year so far has been equally wonderful as it has been terrifying.

Overall it's been a great start to 2024, but not without its challenges.

- Emails down for 4 full days
- Around 3 weeks ago I was completely burn out
- Managing many many hats
- Stock selling out
- Dips in orders, surges in orders
- Managing hundreds of pre-orders

All in all, I feel really blessed to be running this brand because of the community that comes with it.

I've been blown away at the events we've attended so far this year with people coming up and chatting - many who had seen the brand before, or even have their own vest or belt.

It can be a little daunting standing in a big branded marquee at a running event and waiting for someone to come over and talk to us! (haha).

So thanks to all the absolute legends who have been down for a chat.

So far this year we've had really big highs, and some fairly tough lows. 

But I wouldn't change it. None of it.


I took up a fair bit of your time telling you about how this year has gone so far, so I'm not going to keep you reading for another essay-length update.

I'm going to give you the fastest all-round update ever in bullet point form. Here goes.

  • R700 Hydration Vests came back in stock, sold out in 3 days.
  • We're running low on like, a lot of stock 😬
  • You can now pre-order the R700 Hydration Vest with one of our craziest ever deals. Tap here.
  • Later this month we've got something new coming 👀
  • Last weekend we got invited to our local fun run at Merribek. It was super fun and met some genuine legends.
That's the rapid fire update for this week!
Like many, I'm going to be taking a few days off over the Easter break to recharge the batteries.
I'll back on deck on Tuesday.
Have an incredible break.
Run well,

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