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New Pink Vest, Big deals & Community Update.

New Pink Vest, Big deals & Community Update.

Hey Guys!

I'm back with another update!
If you're new here, and we do have a lot of new faces around lately, I'm Robbie.
I'm the founder of Runly, but in many ways I'm the host of this community.
The Runly community spans from the furthest regional town in Australia that you could think of, all the way to the other coastline.
And now, it also spans outside of Aus to a number of international countries.
If that's you, hey!
In this weekly email I like to give you a little update about what's happening behind the scenes at Runly.
I share the good, the bad, the inspiring and well, the not-so inspiring.
So let's get into it.

If you missed the news earlier in the week, we revealed our best-selling R700 Hydration Vest in HOT PINK!


It's been a wild reception to our latest addition to the Runly starting line.

For a limited time you can pre-order the Hot Pink R700 and get 25% off with code 'RUNWILD' + a get free pair of pink socks to match.

Secure yours here.


Who would have thought, but apparently it's not easy running a business without stock 😅

Last week we sold out of a bunch of key products.

Not ideal.

But the good news is that while we wait for our next order there is some epic, really epic actually, deals to be had.

You can shop some of the incredible deals here.


You know, it's been three weeks since our last event and I'm actually feeling a bit flat about it!

I feed off the energy at events, mingling with the running community and meeting so many legends.

What's the opposite of runner's high? I've got that.

Our next event is the massive Mornington Running Festival.

It's apparently a sold out event, or close to it - around 3,500 people will be pounding the pavement later this month for an epic run.

I'm really looking forward to that.

If it were up to me we'd be doing an event pop-up every weekend, but unfortunately it's not that straight forward.

Travel, existing sponsorships & monetary contributions can make it difficult to get into events.

But don't worry - I'm anticipating at least another 5-10 events for this year!

Strava - our Strava community is growing and I want you in it! If you haven't joined yet, tap here.

Runner Stories - we now have a section on our website highlighting awesome Runly members. Check out the latest story on Kris Ellis here.

Keep sharing your runs, getting amongst your local running groups and striving towards improvement.

Til' next week.

Run well,

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