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I Got Lost On A Mountain

I Got Lost On A Mountain

Hey Guys!

I've had a pretty awesome three days.
For the last few days I've been hanging out, working and exploring trails in the Victorian Grampians.
Surprisingly, as a Victorian, and one who loves an adventure, it's my first time in and around the Grampians.
Someone from the team put together a reel on Instagram of one of the trails which you can watch here.
Now, I hope my Mum's not reading this because she'd be horrified.
One morning I thought yep, I'm going to climb one of the peaks to watch the sunrise.
I woke up at 5am and head off with a couple of torches in hand, the R700 and a good attitude.
The climb in pitch black was fun. I had done the climb the day before so I knew the rough trajectory and the track.
But things changed quickly as I got about halfway up. The weather turned in the valley, it started trickling and the wind direction changed.
I wasn't fully prepared for this (rookie mistake, I know).
But I was close to the top so I kept soldiering on.
The cloud formed over so rapidly. I knew I wasn't going to be able to see anything once I got to the top but I was determined anyway to turn this into an epic adventure to start the day.
Mind you, I hadn't even had a coffee yet.
There's something to be said about replacing your morning coffee with some adrenaline to get you going!
As I reached the peak my protection from the wind was gone and the temperature dropped significantly - and quickly.
The markers on this particular climb were difficult to track, especially in low visibility.
And for about 3 minutes, I had gotten lost.
Yep, by myself on the cold, dark mountain.
I know what you're thinking. This guy's an idiot!
Now, let me say that this was very silly on my part. I was underprepared for the rapid change in conditions.
But still, things didn't exactly go my way.
Now, as you can imagine, 3 minutes is a long time when you're on top of a cold mountain surrounded by gloomy clouds and all the terrain looks the same.

Thankfully, I was able to scurry back and find the path that I was meant to be on.
There was definitely no sunrise, rather a big gloomy view of nothing!
But it was an adventure and a story to tell.
Here's to more adventures in 2024!
By the way, we're wrapping up our New Year Sale soon. There's 35% off for a few more days only with the code RUN35.
OH. Also. Many of you have sent me an email in the last week asking about when socks are going to be back.
The answer: Next week.
The bonus: We've got new colours 😍
Stay tuned for an update!
As always, run well.

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