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New socks + Big Announcement Next Week.

New socks + Big Announcement Next Week.

Hey Guys!

It's been another big week in the Runly-sphere.
New products, planning for announcements, big stock orders and more.
But firstly, we've had more than 1,000 runners join our email list this month. If that's you, hey! 👋
It's a pleasure to have you here as part of the Runly fam.

My name is Robbie, I'm the founder of Runly and every week I send out this email to give you an honest brand update and of course, to chat a little running.
Now, I have to tell you, I get such a thrill when I see Runly vests out and about.
I get an even bigger thrill when other people send me little photos or videos when they see someone out there wearing a Runly Vest.
This week one of my friends sent me a snap of someone wearing the R700 Vest out in very remote regional Victoria - how cool is that!
This community & this brand is definitely something special.
As a (kinda') new brand in the running world, it would be very easy for you to skip over the up and coming brand and go for one of the big gigantic brands that have been around for decades.
I get it. They've earnt the trust of many. That's fair enough.
But also, none of those brands are Australian-owned.
Most of them don't even send across their best stock to Australian stores.
Finally, a purchase at one of the big multi-national brands is just an extremely small splash in a huge ocean for them.
But at Runly, every customer order is an overwhelmingly exciting experience for us.
One where we celebrate and support every customer.
So for you, to support an up & coming brand speaks volumes about you, the community we're building, and it goes a long way to helping us continue to develop innovative products for runners and adventure-seekers.

Whether it's Runly or another brand - keep supporting independent small businesses!

New Socks 🧦

I know some of you are obsessed with the Runly socks, so we went and did a massive restock!
Not only have we restocked in YellowPink & Black, but we've also dropped four new colours! Oasis GreenWhiteFluro Orange and Blue.
You can check out the full sock collection here.

Big Announcement Next Week 🎉

I have been teasing this announcement for a few weeks.
Spoiler: It's a new product(s)
Over the last 12 months I've had almost 150 comments, messages and emails requesting this.
All will be revealed 👀
For now, run well!
P.S don't forget to secure your R700 Pre-Order with the special offer that is ending soon.

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