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Pink Collection, Community & AI

Pink Collection, Community & AI

Hey Jay!

Well, I told you something new was coming!
Yesterday morning at 9am we dropped our brand new PINK COLLECTION!
It's been a while in the making. I've personally received over 150 comments, DM's and emails in the last year with Runly members requesting a 'pink version'.
Yesterday it became a reality.
We launched both the best-selling Original Vest and the Glide Running Belt in a lush new baby-pink colourway.
This week has been a rollercoaster getting new stock into the warehouse, preparing new content for the launch and arranging all of the fun back-of-house stuff.
Four x 15-hour days this week to bring it all together.
But, I tell you what.
It makes it so worth it to see all of your comments, DM's and emails. The response has been magnificent.
If you haven't seen the Pink Collection yet, make sure you check it out here. We've only got limited stock for this run, so there's a good chance they're going to sell out.

Community & Gear

In recent times, the running scene has experienced an explosive surge in growth, notably propelled by the popularity of running clubs.
It's a great time to be a running brand. But I wanted to dive into why it's grown so much - what's driving this trend?
For many, it's the sense of mateship, support, and shared passion that comes with running alongside like-minded individuals.

Running wouldn't be as fun if we just didn't share the experience. That's why apps like Strava have become so popular.

Running clubs offer a supportive environment where runners of all levels can come together, whether it's for motivation, accountability, or simply the joy of moving.

I wandered down last night to my local run club. I couldn't believe the growth since I was there a month ago.
It was almost triple the numbers in just a few weeks.

As we were huddled in a massive circle, doing token stretches (but not really), I couldn't help scan the group and observe how the gear we wear and use is changing.

Around 30% of runners were wearing belts - much higher than I have previously observed.
Around 20% were wearing proper running sunglasses - frankly I don't think I had seen any at previous meetups.
Vests, the latest running shoes, tights with clever storage pockets. The game is changing for the better.
An increase in community-driven running is driving a trend towards better gear, more selection and better running experiences.
We're all for it. We're all in on that.

Community - innovation - inclusivity? Count us in.

AI-Generated Retail Shop

Yesterday I was having fun on one of those AI-image generators.
I thought, let's see if AI can design a storefront for Runly in the future. 

I wonder what that would look like.
It's pretty cool, I reckon.
Here's some of the inspiration it produced for a future Runly store. Who knows, hey!
That's all for this week.
Don't forget to check out the Pink Collection!
Run Well,

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