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Innovation, Events & New Stuff

Innovation, Events & New Stuff

Hey Guys!

I hope you had a refreshing New Year's break! It's the first weekly newsletter of 2024.
It's fair to say I am beyond excited for what's to come this year. As you know, 2023 was a real breakout year for Runly.
The brand emerged from nowhere and quickly started to gain traction in the running community thanks to our incredible Runly fam.
This year will be special. We've already got 5 events locked in, we've got new products in the works and the community is growing. It's going to be fun.
Let's get into it.

✨ 2024 EVENTS

So far I've locked in five events for Runly to be involved in in 2024.
We should be able to have a little marquee setup at each of these events, showcase some of our products and most importantly, get to talk face-to-face with the running community.
Most of the events for now are based in Victoria - we've got 4 events throughout the year in the Mornington Peninsula and 1 event in Geelong.
My aim for this year is to be involved in 15 events. It might be a stretch, maybe, but I'm going to try my best!
One of the biggest challenges I've found so far in getting involved in running events has been firstly getting in touch with event organisers, but then also navigating the wild world of sponsorship, appearance fees, insurance, and the rest.
I've had some wild responses from some events! Albeit, they are much larger events who are much more picky about who they have there.
I'm stoked with the partners we've been working with who are super happy to have us on board and will be great partners!
If you know someone we should be talking to, please do let me know!


We're like mad scientists, but for running gear.
Picture this: we're in our secret lab (well, it's not that secret), cooking up some mind-blowing stuff to turbocharge your running experience. Why? Because it's literally the reason we exist.

We're not just creating products; we're brewing magic that'll make you go, 'Whoa, didn't know I needed that!'

The stuff we've got planned for 2024 will blow your neon running socks off.
I want Runly to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to running. Testing, exploring and developing products that you're going to love.
Keep your eyes peeled, because we've got some cool stuff coming at the end of this month 👀
That's all for this week.
Run well,



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