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Thank You

Thank You

Hey Guys!

In the final newsletter of 2023, I simply want to say thank-you.
It's really been one of those 'pinch-me' years.
One which has seen Runly rise from nowhere into a reputable brand in the running scene.
I'd like to personally thank-you for your support. The Runly community is incredible and it's only going to get bigger, stronger and more vibrant in 2024.
At the start of this year, Runly was in a bit of obscurity.
Having launched at the end of 2021, we didn't see real traction until May of this year.
Prior to that, we didn't get cut-through, we were struggling to be seen and we were losing money. It wasn't fun.
Because of your support we were able to pull it together and turn the ship around.
This year we launched our first hydration vest - the R700. It quickly became our equal most popular vest and arguably put us on the map in the running scene.
Our Original Runly Vest exploded in popularity this year and continues to be a favourite for runners.
I couldn't be more optimistic about 2024.
  • We've been working on new products that will soon be revealed (as early as January 👀)

  • So far we'll be at 5 events next year, and I'll be looking to at least double that

  • We've got some exciting partnerships in the works for 2024
Stick around, because next year is going to be bigger, better and even more fun.

With that, I hope you have a fantastic New Year's and I'll speak to you on the other side.
As always, run well.

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