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Insight Into How I Create New Products

Insight Into How I Create New Products

Hey Guys!

Last night I ran for the first time in a month.
See, I've been struggling with a stress fracture for the last 18 months.
And I'm now in a period of resting, as I seek a 4th opinion.
But I won't bore you with the details.
I probably shouldn't have run, but it was more of a mental health run for me, which is important.
You know when you just feel like you need to move your body and get some fresh air? Yep.
I hit up my local running club for a few k's and in the cool dark Melbourne night, I couldn't believe the numbers.
Every time I head down the numbers seem to double.
The running community is alive and well.
Insight Into How I Create New Products
At any given time, I'm probably working on 3-6 different products in the background.
The reality is that maybe 50% or more don't make the cut.
Last week for example, I had been working on a new product for months.
We had iterated the design 5-6 times.
Sampled. Tested. But we just couldn't get it exactly how we wanted.
So we cut it.
One step back, two steps forward.
Could we have released that product?
Yes, absolutely.
There was nothing 'wrong' with it. But it was not up to the high level of quality and innovative design that you have come to expect from Runly.
That's important to me.
But how do we get to that point? The point of having multiple prototypes.
It usually comes from two ways;

1) Observations - we observe things that runners do, what they wear and how they run.

Sometimes we identify problems that we can provide solutions for.
In some ways, this is a subjective process, because we actually don't know if people will like our solution until it's out in the world.
2) Feedback - every single day, whether it be via email, social media or at events, we're constantly collecting feedback from our customers and community.
That feedback shapes new products.
In fact, you're going to see a new product later this month that is a direct response to feedback!
The brand new Pink R700 Hydration Vest? 100% based on feedback.
Once we have either a set of observations or solid feedback, we go to the drawing board.
Literally pen and paper.
It's about just getting it down on paper in the simplest form.
I'm a terrible drawer.
Like, awful.
But even for me, it's the best way to get my concepts down so that someone more talented than I can create a digital mockup.
From there, it's a constant process of iteration, sampling, small improvements until we think we've got something ready for the market.
Some products can take 12 months to be ready to release, and I'm okay with that.
Some products just don't make the cut. And I'm okay with that, too.
I hope that gives you a bit of insight into how we go from zero to new product.
Pre-Order Offers Ending
New stock is on the way! (oh my word thank goodness).
But that means our pre-order offers are coming to an end. It's your last chance to secure 25% off running gear.
Run well,

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