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This is not as big as you might think it is.

This is not as big as you might think it is.

Hey guys! 

You know, we've been on a pretty wild journey to this point.
We (I) launched in 2021, which really does feel like a lifetime ago.
To be honest with you, not much happened for the first 12-18 months. Yeah, we sold a few vests, but we weren't really getting enough traction to be able to even dream of anything more.
Something clicked around March/April of 2023, and the last 12 months have been a wild journey of growth.
I'm really proud (and glad) that I stuck to it, despite having every opportunity to call it quits and say this is too hard.
But after a couple of interesting discussions this week it occurred to me that sometimes the perception of Runly right now is that it's much bigger than it is.
This week I've spoken to both external people in events and retail and they both mentioned how big Runly had become.
I also spoke with a close friend who had the perception that Runly was huge.
That was really interesting to me, because it's not ha.
We've grown quickly in the last 12 months and that's been a wild ride.
But the reality is we're still very much a startup.
It's been mostly a one-person start up until I was able to bring on Jay late last year (who many of you have spoken to).
I only just recently was able to pay myself a very small salary (woo!).
But we're a growing business with growing pains.
There's no board of directors, no big team, no big salaries, no expensive office space, no 10,000sq ft warehouse filled to the brim.
What we do have?
We have a passion and a dream.
We have a community that is the brand.
We have unrivalled enthusiasm and energy.
I can't tell you how good it is to have you here for this journey. The Runly community is amazing and I'm lucky to be able to chat with many of you via email, social media or at events.
For now, we're fully focused on creating the best innovative running products on the market and continuing to bring the community (you) along for the journey!

I can't wait for the day that we do have a full warehouse so that we don't need to do pre-orders! (ha).
As I've said before, it's a 'good problem' to have, but the fact that we continually sell out faster than anticipated means we go to pre-order while waiting for the next shipment.
Thankfully we should be back to full stock in the next 2 weeks!
If you have pre-ordered, thank you so much for your support. I hope my email updates over the last couple of weeks have been useful! I'll keep updating you until your order is right on your doorstep!
There are some pre-order offers still available on the website if you're keen. Tap here.

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