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Runly In Scandinavia?

Runly In Scandinavia?

Hey guys! 

Well, here's something you probably weren't expecting in this week's founder update.
Over the last couple of months, but more frequently in the last couple of weeks we've been testing the waters on some international markets.
Could Runly be sold worldwide?
Why not, right? Running is a global language.
What we've done to test the waters is offer really low shipping costs around the world, and we've taken on the shipping cost ourselves.
So, we don't make any money from this.
I'm not interested in that.
It's more about working out if there's an appetite for Runly overseas.
For over a year we've had really good support from our friends in New Zealand (kia ora if you're reading this!).
That's definitely no surprise. Us Aussies and our Kiwi mates are very similar - we love the outdoors, prioritise health, sport and mateship.
But one interesting thing that has come up in this little test is a big uptake in Northern Europe, specifically the Scandinavian region.
If I'm being honest, I never really thought about that region as being one where maybe Runly would be popular.
But you know, that's why we do these little tests - to find out!
So I went ahead and did some research on our new Scandinavian friends! (Again, hello if you're new here and reading this!).
Scandinavian culture is actually not too dissimilar to our own in many ways.
In my research I discovered that there is actually a Nordic term called 'friluftsliv' which basically means; a simple life in nature without destroying or disturbing it.
I mean if you're here, reading this email, I'm guessing that is definitely something you can appreciate or even deeply relate to your own life.
The outdoors is so engrained in the culture and way of life.
Many companies actually offer employees time out of their work week to participate in activities based around the outdoors.
Given this, it's not hard to see why Runly's products, especially the R700 Hydration Vest collection is proving popular in this region.
So who knows, maybe one day we'll be seeing a lot of people in Northern Europe choosing Runly as their preferred running and outdoor accessory!
I hope this was an interesting little insight!


As I spoke about on last week's newsletter, we're finally getting close to having a huge restock.

Thank you so much to those that placed pre-orders across our key sold-out products.

Many have already been shipped, with R700's scheduled for arrival on Monday/Tuesday.

If you haven't secured yours yet, this is the last chance to get in on our epic pre-order deals here.


A few community updates & links;

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