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Recap Of Our Biggest Event Yet!

Recap Of Our Biggest Event Yet!

Hey Guys!

Last weekend we popped up at our biggest event yet - the Mornington Running Festival.
We were there over two massive days which saw a sold-out 3,500 runners pound the pavement along the scenic beach front course.
It was our biggest event so far in many ways.
We made the trek down on the Friday and then on Saturday morning we setup the activation for bib pickups.
To be honest, it was really slow on Saturday. Around 1,000 people came through the day before to pick up the race bibs, so I'd say we probably only had 25 conversations that day.
I noticed that a number of the other brands activating at the event just setup and left on the Saturday, to come back for race day.
But I think it's important to be there and those 25 conversations we had with runners mean a lot.
I would do it again, for sure.
Along came the Sunday - race day.
We got up at 5am, smashed a coffee and were fully setup at the event by 6am.
It was a 7am start for the half-marathon - the key event.
Before I had a chance to even turn the computer on we had a few people coming over to grab the last few belts for their race.
It was a beautiful morning, purple-ish skies with the sun coming up was a treat.
We put on our tunes (chill house beats of course) and spent the next five hours having some of the best conversations and interactions with the running community.
I was blown away at the number of Runly legends that came over and told me how much they loved their Runly products.
We had great conversations, sold a bunch of products and were able to get our brand in front of a lot of people.
All in all, a great day.
Now, you won't believe this.
I had not one, not two, but three people come over and say something along the lines of 'Hey are you Robbie? Is it alright if we get a selfie?'
I'm basically a celebrity now.
Shoutout to young Andrew, who says I've become an iconic figure amongst his running group and he reads this newsletter every week.
I'm sure he'll be able to screenshot this shoutout and chuck it in the running group chat 😅
A great day with great conversations.
It's days like these that really 'fill my cup'.
Being in the outdoors, showcasing our brand that I am so proud of and talking to legends is a fine way to spend your weekend.
If you're one of the many people who have placed a pre-order recently, a quick update.

We're expecting some Original Vests + Running Belts at the end of next week.
R700 Vests are still on track for their intended arrival.
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