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60th Founder Updates

60th Founder Updates

Hey Guys!

Wow - it's the 60th week in a row I've sent you this weekly founder update.

This week it's on a Wednesday, instead of the usual Thursday.

The reason is because tomorrow (Thursday) is ANZAC day and out of respect I thought I'd get it out to you today.

When I look back at why I started doing this, it was because I wanted you to know more about the person behind the brand.

As a small business it's something I can do.

It's not something the big international brands can do. Well they can, but it would be an email from a board of directors in suits (ha).

Coincidentally (or not?) it was about the time Runly started taking off.

Kind of.

If you've read a few of these emails you'd know the first 18 months of Runly was slow, like really slow.

And then around 12 months ago it all started to grow rapidly.

It's been a wild, scary and fantastic 12 months for the brand, but also me personally.

I can't quite put into words how much Runly fuels me personally.

For a few years I felt like I was missing a little piece of my personal jigsaw puzzle.

It was Runly.

The joy I get from helping people on their running journeys, seeing Runly vests out on race days & talking to legends at running events is incredibly wholesome.

Speaking of, this week we'll be attending our biggest running event yet!


This weekend we're heading down the highway to the Morning Running Festival.

This is a pretty big event, and our biggest to date.

There are around 3,500-4,000 runners participating on the day + another 3,000 people expected to be supporting and watching along.

I've already had a heap of messages from Runly members asking if we'll be there!

If you're heading down there please do come over and say hello! It makes my day!

The feature event of the Mornington Running Festival is a half-marathon which I think is going to be a hotly-contested event.

It will be quick. It's looking like good conditions (at this stage).

We'll be there both on Saturday for bib pickups and on Sunday for race day.

Look out for the black & neon Runly tent!

Hope to see you there!





you've been to one of the last couple of events we've popped up at, you may have seen our staff wearing these awesome hoodies.

They're not just your regular ol' hoodies.

We've created them with a unique bubble print, which POPS.

Last event we had around 10 people come up to us asking if they can buy the hoodies.

So we're going to put it out to you.

DM us on Instagram today with 'RELEASE THE HOODIES'.

If we get enough DM's, we'll do it :)

Here's our Instagram.



A few community updates & links;

🏃 Join TEAM RUNLY on Strava here.
👋 Read some of our awesome runner stories here.
🔥 Checkout the amazing pre-order deals on now.

That’s all for this week!

Run well,

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