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Newsletter #5 - Fun runs, retail stores & how you can help!

Newsletter #5 - Fun runs, retail stores & how you can help!

Thursday Feb 23rd 2023

Hey ,

If you're new here, welcome! If you're an OG, you know who I am.

If ya' don't, I'm Robbie. I'm the Founder of Runly. I created this product to fill my own need of having to carry my phone & medication on my runs.

This is my weekly newsletter where I share my personal journey with the brand, what's happening under the hood and some interesting things along the way.


I've been working in eCommerce and brand development since 2014. Perhaps the most common question I have received in the last 9 years has been 'Hey are you in any stores?'.

The beautiful thing about being in certain stores is that it allows people to touch and feel the product. As I was telling someone on the phone yesterday, Runly really is a product that you want people to touch and see, because the quality is out of this world.

I'll do my best not to turn this into a sales pitch, but the way I describe it is we've taken the best materials from a $500 wetsuit and reformed it to become a $79 running vest. The quality of the product is immense. It's something I really standby and believe in. So to have the product on shelves and behind counters where people can see it and touch is a great thing.

However, there's always this balance between selling to stores where you actually don't make much of a margin, and keeping the stock to sell on our own website where it's more profitable.

I bring this up because we've been approached by some stores, and approached some ourselves about stocking Runly. At this stage we've confirmed a running store in QLD and NSW where Runly will be stocked - good news!

I don't know yet whether that will be a key part of the business where we try to scale our reach in retail stores across the country, or whether we'll partner with very select retailers.

Either way, it's an interesting decision for any product-based brand and one I thought you might find interesting.


Last week there was a twilight fun run in Melbourne, and I just happen to be in the area. The majority of runners there were just there to have a go, catch up with friends and be involved. Then of course there was the 5% who were the elite, pushing for times, pushing for medals.


Since I started Runly I'm always curious what people carry when they run and how they carry it. I'm still shocked at how few people wear a belt, vest or even an armband when they run. Most opt for putting their car key in their socks, go without a phone and no gels. It's mind-boggling to me. As someone who likes to be prepared, the thought of taking off on a run with just a house key in my pocket makes me totally anxious.


It made me think, do we need to educate the portion of runners who go without? Or is it about just letting them see others wearing it to realise the benefits. Perhaps a bit of both.



Alright, here's one for you. If we can help one person have a better running experience by wearing a Runly Vest, then that's a very good thing.

My request to you:

Can you tell just one person about Runly?

If the two-thousand people that read this newsletter tell just one other person about Runly, we can go along way to bettering the running experience for a lot more people.

To incentivise that, I'm going to give you a code that can only be used by your friend/family member/work colleague/running club friend/park run buddy.


This will give your buddy a little discount on their Runly Vest. Let's make the running experience better together.


If you haven't already, get involved by joining the Team Runly Facebook Group here and introduce yourself!

+ If you haven't got yourself a Runly running vest yet, you can get one here. I'll be writing a note in every order!

Til' next week.

Run well,


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