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Re-Stocks, The Running Industry & The Great Outdoor Playground | Newsletter #29

Re-Stocks, The Running Industry & The Great Outdoor Playground | Newsletter #29

Hey Guys!

1. Restock Alert: Original Runly Vest is Almost Here!

🚀 The wait is nearly over! Brace yourselves as the original Runly Vest, which you've been eagerly pre-ordering, is set to touch down imminently.

We're expecting stock to arrive in the next 3-4 days. The excitement is real, and once they land, they're on a direct path to your doorsteps.

⏳ This is your final call to snag the ultimate deal. Secure your pre-order here to unlock a jaw-dropping offer, coupled with complimentary delivery and an exclusive pair of limited edition socks.

The R700 Hydration Vest which is also on pre-order is still expected to land late October.

2. Industry Buzz: Runly Making Waves.

A few days ago I had to hold onto my running hat after having a chat with a major person of influence in the Australian running scene.

Their excitement for Runly was amazing – seeing a homegrown brand like ours shake up an industry traditionally dominated by global giants is a thrill like no other.

It was a really humbling conversation to hear positive feedback from someone at the top and makes me really excited about what we're doing here.

3. Your Gear, Your Playground: Runly's Versatility Unleashed?

💌 Our inbox is brimming with inquiries and new customers, and we're loving it! One question I've been getting a lot of - can Runly be used across multiple sports?

In fact, I've spotted customer photos on Instagram being used in other sports - sailing, bike riding & hiking.

🌐 Runly gear has your back. Originally designed for runners, our gear could potentially evolve into a multi-sport champion.

So, I'm curious. Do you currently use your Runly gear for anything other than running? I want to know about it!

As always, run well.


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