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⚡ Pre-Order Offer 👀 Biggest Stock Order Ever ✅ Big Strava Result | Newsletter #28

⚡ Pre-Order Offer 👀 Biggest Stock Order Ever ✅ Big Strava Result | Newsletter #28

Hey guys!
Bit of a different format for this week. I'm leading in with three main talking points, mentioned upfront.
If you're new here, this is a weekly newsletter from me, Robbie, Runly founder.
I like to give an update to the Runly community about what's happening behind the scenes, what we're working on and some of the ugly stuff you don't see, too.
Let's get into it!


Did you know we're completely sold out of running vests?! Wild, I know!
It seems crazy to me.
This small little idea I had to be able to carry my phone and medication with me out on runs has turned into this awesome community and thousands of runners across Australia wearing Runly.
There's a pretty wild pre-order offer going on.
To sum it up:
Get up to 35% off, free delivery + a free pair of Ltd Edt socks when you secure your pre-order!
No joke.


Often in this weekly email I like to share some of the things that as a founder, are challenging.
One of those things right now is buying stock.
The products that we make at Runly are not cheap. We use premium materials. It makes our margins smaller, but it means we have a higher quality product.
We're completely sold out, which on one hand is great. It means people love the product.
On the other hand, it's very difficult to get momentum as a business when you keep selling out of stock!
So, I'm really committing.
Committing emotionally, mentally but especially financially.
It's daunting.
This stock order I've put in is super daunting. It's big.
It's a little nerve-racking. But I have to remind myself that the Runly community loves the product and this will allow us to help more runners across the country.


One of my favourite parts of the week is looking back to see all of the wild runs completed by the Runly community on Strava.
Here's a few of this week's highlights:
  • Last week Carlea Walker, Paul MacKenzie & Mandy Camfferman smashed out a marathon! Well done guys! 👏

  • Martin Lambert is a regular in this section - a whopping 14 runs last week! My knees are sore thinking about it.

  • You know I love to see those elevation gains! Diarmuid Enright, Michael Duldig & Lloyd Rothwell all carved out more than 600m of elevation each! Amazing.
That's a wrap for this week.
Run well,

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