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Pre-orders, New Vests & Crazy Strava Results - Weekly Newsletter #27

Pre-orders, New Vests & Crazy Strava Results - Weekly Newsletter #27

Hey guys!
Last week in the newsletter I mentioned that we were down to our final few Runly Vests in stock - I wasn't joking!
They're now sold out.
But the good news?
Well, they're coming back in 3 weeks.
And it gets better.
If you use the code VIPRUN you get 20% off, free delivery + a pair of limited edition running socks!
It's staggering to me that we're almost completely sold out of R700 Hydration Vests. They've been super popular and a great addition to the Runly offering.
We've got some more stock on the way to hopefully get us through until the end of the year.
The new order of vests have got some technical and performance updates based on your feedback.
We're down to around 25 hydration vests left.
I'm blown away every week by some of the numbers being put up on Strava by the Runly community.
If you're not on there, get on there!
Here's the highlights from last week:
  • Martin Lambert ran a whopping 10 hours & 57 minutes!

  • 12 people ran more than 30km

  • Paul MacKenzie did a single run of 30.8km

  • Cataldo Mase did a wild 16 runs!
That's all for this week.
As always, run well.

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