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Who Are You? | Newsletter #26

Who Are You? | Newsletter #26

Over the last couple of weeks we've been collecting responses on our customer survey.
I thought it would be interesting to actually share some of those results with you.
Who is the 'Runly customer'.
Let's do a deep-dive on this, and then I want to tell you about what's happening with stock right now.
Let's go.

We sent an email out to anyone who's ever bought a Runly product asking them to fill out a quick survey.
We want to know who you are, basically.
What type of running do you do? What are your challenges? Are you in running clubs or prefer running alone?
The results are cool.
Here we go:
96% of you run more than twice per week.
Perhaps that's not that surprising, given we're a running brand. But it definitely shows the frequency and passion for running in the Runly community.

If we break it down further - 86% run more than 3.5 times per week. That's very cool.
40% have run a marathon.
I honestly thought this would be higher given the frequency of weekly runs. What do you think?
56% of people who have recommended Runly to their friends have then gone on and actually made their own purchase.
All I read from that is people like Runly, they tell their friends, they usually get something too!
How old are Runly runners?
This is perhaps most interesting. It's an almost even split in each decade. From 20's, right up to 60+.
Only 4% of people have purchased Runly as a gift.
Come on guys! Gotta' look after your running friends!
92% of people run alone.
I get that, it's easier. Especially when you're running 3.5 x or more per week, in the early mornings or evenings.
Runly runners love Parkrun.
76% of the Runly community participate in Parkruns throughout the year. That's a lot higher than I anticipated!
Personally, I think that's a strong reflection of the running community and how connection is so important in a sport that's largely individual.
28% of people have been stopped while running to be asked about their Runly vest!
How cool is that, ha. You can't miss that neon yellow flying through the tracks.
Hope you found these results interesting, I know I certainly did!
What's the go with stock?
'A good problem to have they say', but still a problem.
To put it simply;
We've got hardly any stock left.
There's maybe 1-2 days left of the original Runly Vest, and maybe a week of stock left for the R700 Hydration Vest.
Once they're sold out they'll be back on pre-order and may not be re-stocked for up to 2 months... I know. 
So if you need it for an event, or you just don't want to wait I highly recommend you take a look in the next day or two.
As always, run well.

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