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Emma Burnet: Falling In Love With Trail Running

Emma Burnet: Falling In Love With Trail Running

This is a runner I've been wanting to profile for a while.

We've known Emma for a little while now, she came into the fold about a year ago and has been a big ambassador for Runly - mostly in an unofficial capacity.

Emma really body embody what its like to be a runner.

And I'm not talking about setting PB's or racing 500km across Australia. I'm talking about the community.

This is something that Emma says has shaped her. After dragging her Mum out for some runs as a teenager, together they found a trail running club that changed their lives.

"You lift each other up when someone is down, you cheer, encourage and no one is left behind. It’s hard to understand unless you have experienced it. I could go on all day about how amazing the trail running community is."

I've said it many times before, and will continue to say it, although running by nature is an individual sport, there is nothing like it as far as community.

Emma tells the tale of how her run club UpCoaching has transformed her into a confident and strong runner 'growing exponentially from my humble beginnings as a young girl'.

It's inspiring for me to hear stories like Emma's, where community and passion collide and we can boost each other up to grow and become stronger.

Emma dedicated 16 years of her life to dancing. However, when she quit during her HSC, she needed a new way to stay fit. She began with modest 1km runs around her local wetlands. Before long, she convinced her mum to join her.

Together, they dived headfirst into the wild world of trail running. Initially, Emma wondered, "Who would want to run in the bush?" I thought many would share.

But after her first trail run at 17, she was captivated. From that moment, she was hooked and never looked back, finding a new passion that combined fitness with the thrill of nature.

Emma is incredibly grateful to share this journey with her best friend, who is also her mum. Her mum shares her passion for trail running, and together they embark on some truly epic adventures.

If Emma could offer one piece of advice to someone just starting their running journey, it would be:

"Just start. You don’t have to run the whole way; mix walking and running, pace yourself, focus on your breathing, gradually increase your kilometers, and most importantly, strength train! Many people tell me they could never run, but I always assure them they’re wrong. It’s about putting one foot in front of the other. Once you begin to see progress and start enjoying running, you’ll be hooked on that runner's high."

Emma's Dream Race: UTMB Mont Blanc in Chamonix
Emma's Fav Runly Product: Runly Original Vest