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Renee Michelle Craw: Easy Is Boring

Renee Michelle Craw: Easy Is Boring

Renee Michelle Craw has been running for ten years. In the last five years, she has taken it more seriously. Her journey is inspiring and filled with dedication.

Renee’s most challenging run was the New York Marathon in 2019. It was her first marathon, with 54,000 participants. The brutal bridges made it tough. Despite the difficulty, she found it to be an awesome experience. She would do it again in a heartbeat.

The New York Marathon is a bucket list for many runners, whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned athlete, it's a dream event.

Balancing running with family life is a challenge for everyone, and Renee is no exception. She has three active children. Fitting her runs around their sports, school schedules, and her work is no easy task. Sometimes, this means running at 5:30 am or squeezing in a run between pickups and practices.

It's this type of unsung dedication that we love. Early mornings, late nights, quick sessions and just 'getting it done' make for real inspiration for other runners, real runners.

Renee began running to lose weight after having her children. Soon, she craved a bigger challenge. Signing up for the New York Marathon pushed her to take her training more seriously.

If she could run any race, it would be the Australian Ultra in the Blue Mountains. The epic scenery and the race’s challenge are incredibly appealing to her.

Renee also enjoys running with others. She co-founded a run club in Marlborough for beginner runners. Every Tuesday night, she runs with the club members. She is also a regular at her local Parkrun. Despite this, Renee values her solo runs, often listening to music or podcasts to zone out.

The running community is something Renee truly loves. The support and understanding among runners are unmatched. Everyone has been a beginner at some point. Runners are always keen to share their knowledge and tips.

Finding your 'people' is important in all facets of life. There is something about the running community that is so inclusive, welcoming and giving. Especially at a grassroots level where people come to get fit, get outdoors and socialise with like-minded people.

Renee's advice for new runners? Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t give up. The journey is hard, but remember, easy is boring.

Renee's favorite Runly product is the Original Runly Vest. It’s perfect for her needs. It has a zip pocket for her phone and another small pocket for her car key. This keeps her hands free, helping her balance on the trails.