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Luke Brunckhorst: Falling In Love With Running & Shedding 34kg

Luke Brunckhorst: Falling In Love With Running & Shedding 34kg

Meet Luke Brunckhorst, a legend whose journey into the world of running exemplifies the transformative power of determination and perseverance.

In just 10 months, Luke has not only embraced running as a means of physical activity but has also found solace, strength, and joy amidst life's challenges.

For Luke, the decision to start running was driven by a desire for change—a desire to reclaim his health and vitality. Ten months ago, weighing 140 kilograms, Luke embarked on a journey of transformation. Today, he stands proudly at 106 kilograms, a testament to his unwavering commitment to self-improvement.

I love these stories.

It's one of sheer determination to be better, to be healthier and happier. And then actually doing something about it. That takes a lot of guts and character.

Running became Luke's beacon of hope—a path to both physical and mental well-being. What began as a quest for weight loss evolved into a profound love for running, with each stride bringing him closer to his goals and newfound freedom.

As a diabetic, Luke faces unique challenges during his runs. However, Runly has been a crucial ally, providing him with a convenient way to store essential supplies like lollies or gels to regulate his sugar levels. With Runly by his side, Luke can tackle his runs with confidence, knowing that he has the support he needs to overcome any obstacle.

In fact, this was the reason Runly was created. The founder, Robbie, also had to carry some key medication with him running and needed a way to store it safely and without bounce. It's incredible to see Runly's origin story carry on through other runners.

Despite the physical and mental hurdles he's encountered along the way, Luke's most challenging run to date remains a 12-kilometer journey through sand and dirt mountain bike trails. Yet, it's precisely these challenges that fuel his determination and resilience, pushing him to surpass his own limits with each passing day.

Beyond the physical transformation, Luke's journey has been marked by a profound sense of joy and camaraderie. While he primarily runs solo, Luke finds inspiration in the collective spirit of the running community—the shared experiences of joy, pain, and hard work that unite runners around the world.

Luke is also a member of the Team Runly group on Strava and everyone loves to see his posts, one of which was the recent Buffalo Stampede.

If there's one piece of advice Luke would offer to those following in his footsteps, it's this: don't give up. Stay the course, set consistent goals, and watch as perseverance pays off in ways you never imagined. Luke's journey is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, reminding us all that with determination and dedication, anything is possible.

Luke defies limits, proving that the journey to self-improvement begins with a single stride.

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