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8 Podcasts Every Runner Should Listen To

8 Podcasts Every Runner Should Listen To

For a while now I've been obsessed with tuning into running podcasts.

Running isn't just about pounding the pavement or conquering trails; it's a journey of rhythm, resilience, and continuous growth.

That journey of learning from others, hearing stories of trials and tribulations and sometimes just pure banter enhances your running experience through connection.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned marathoner, the kilometres become more exhilarating with the right companion in your ear. Enter the world of running podcasts—a treasure trove of motivation, expert tips, and inspirational stories that sync perfectly with each stride.

But let's be honest. You're probably going to be listening to these podcasts not at the peak of your toughest trail climb, but rather during a mundane activity like your daily commute, walking the dog or getting some recovery in.

In this guide, we've curated the ultimate playlist of the top eight running podcasts that will invigorate your runs, propel your motivation, and offer a wealth of knowledge to enhance your running experience.

From interviews with elite athletes to practical training advice and uplifting narratives, these podcasts are the fuel to ignite your passion for running, but also to give perspective and context to your life, your mindset and overall health.

Join us as we lace up our shoes and delve into these podcasts, handpicked to elevate your running journey to new heights. Let's hit the play button and pave the way for many kilometres of inspiration!

1. Inside Running

Inside Running Podcast: Where Running Expertise Meets Relaxed Banter

Brady Threlfall, Julian Spence, and Bradley Croker, three stellar athletes with marathon times that speak volumes, come together weekly on the Inside Running Podcast to bring a unique blend of running insights, gear reviews, and easygoing conversations that resonate with runners worldwide. With collective marathon times that range from 2:14 to 2:19, their expertise shines through each episode as they delve into the heart of distance running.

What sets this podcast apart is its relaxed yet informative format. It's not just about dissecting running news or sharing training tips; it's about infusing the love of running into every discussion. Listeners are treated to a mix of expert analysis, humorous banter, and genuine camaraderie among hosts who live and breathe the sport.

This podcast isn't just for elite athletes. It's for every runner, whether you're aiming for a personal best or lacing up your shoes for the first time. The hosts' engaging personalities and vast knowledge create a welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like part of their running community from the very first listen.

The Inside Running Podcast isn't solely about the hosts; it's about the stories they uncover through their guests. From seasoned professionals to up-and-coming talents, the podcast serves as a platform for runners from all walks of life to share their experiences, insights, and journeys, adding a layer of depth and inspiration to each episode.

Listeners across continents tune in not just for the running talk but also for the infectious energy and camaraderie that Brady, Brad, and Julian effortlessly bring to every conversation. For those craving a mix of running expertise, gear reviews, and a generous dose of good-natured banter, the Inside Running Podcast undoubtedly delivers, making it a go-to companion for runners hitting the road or the trails.

Inside Running Website
Inside Running Instagram
Inside Running YouTube

2. The Stronger Stride Podcast

Introducing The Stronger Stride Podcast: Where Running Meets Health and Community

Okay, maybe we're a little bias because our friends Sophie Lane, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, and Lydia McKay, a Physiotherapist, produce this awesome and 'real' running podcast.

Through insightful and authentic conversations, Sophie and Lydia dive deep into the multifaceted world of running, highlighting its role in enhancing well-being and fostering a tight-knit community.

Meet the Hosts

Sophie Lane: Exercise Physiologist & Running Coach (Left)
With a wealth of experience managing chronic conditions spanning metabolic, cardio-pulmonary, neurological, and mental health, Sophie's expertise extends to musculoskeletal rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and running coaching. Her mission is clear: helping runners achieve their goals while staying injury-free. Currently lending her skills at Sydney Performance Lab and North Shore Running, Sophie guides recreational runners towards speed, strength, and injury mitigation.

Lydia McKay: Physiotherapist & Personal Trainer (Right)
Lydia's career journey through acute and chronic musculoskeletal rehabilitation settings as a physiotherapist and personal trainer resonates deeply in her passion for movement and improved quality of life. Her experiences in fitness coaching and sports training, coupled with her physiotherapy studies, reflect her holistic approach to healing injuries and coaching fitness across various settings in Coffs Harbour.

The Focal Points

The podcast delves into areas critical to runners' well-being:

  • Lower Limb Injury Rehabilitation: Offering insights into managing and preventing lower limb injuries for runners.
  • Running Gait Analysis & Biomechanics: Exploring the mechanics of running for optimal performance and injury prevention.
  • Strength & Conditioning: Discussing techniques to enhance runners' strength and overall conditioning.
  • Injury Prevention: Sharing tips and strategies to prevent common running injuries.

Empowering Conversations

Through engaging discussions with knowledgeable guests, Sophie and Lydia unravel the complexities of running, focusing on its diverse facets. Their dedication to insightful content attracts not only seasoned runners but also trail enthusiasts seeking wisdom and inspiration.

Whether you're aiming to prevent injuries, improve your performance, or simply revel in the joy of running, "The Stronger Stride Podcast" invites you to join Sophie, Lydia, and their guests on a journey that celebrates the transformative power of running. Tune in for a blend of expertise, community, and passion that fuels every stride toward a healthier, stronger, and more connected running experience.

Stronger Stride Website
Stronger Stride Instagram
Stronger Stride YouTube
Stronger Stride Spotify

3. The Rich Roll Podcast

The Rich Roll Podcast: Where Wellness Takes Center Stage

It wouldn't be a list of the best running podcasts without The Rich Roll Podcast.

Meet Rich Roll: ultra-endurance athlete, vegan nutrition advocate, bestselling author, and the voice behind one of the world's most captivating wellness podcasts. "The Rich Roll Podcast" isn't just about running; it's a gateway to a myriad of insightful conversations that transcend boundaries, inviting listeners on a transformative journey spanning fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and beyond.

Diving Deep with Extraordinary Guests

Each episode is a deep dive into the world of wellness, featuring special guests who share their expertise, experiences, and stories. From celebrated athletes like Boston Marathon champ Des Linden to influential personalities like boxer Laila Ali and actor Matthew McConaughey, the podcast embraces a diverse array of individuals, offering listeners a unique glimpse into their journeys and insights.

From Distance Running to Clean Beauty: Exploring Diverse Horizons

"The Rich Roll Podcast" isn't confined to a single niche. Rich Roll masterfully steers conversations from distance running, nutrition, and athleticism to broader topics like the Clean Beauty Movement. This diversity ensures that listeners are exposed to a multifaceted spectrum of wellness, catering to interests beyond the track or the gym.

Epic Conversations, Perfect Long-Run Companion

Episodes of the podcast often exceed two hours, making it the ideal companion for those long runs where time seems to stretch infinitely. As the miles unfold, Rich Roll and his guests weave narratives that captivate, educate, and inspire, creating a symbiotic relationship between the run and the enriching conversations.

A Tapestry of Wellness

"The Rich Roll Podcast" isn't just a collection of interviews; it's a tapestry of wellness, a mosaic of stories, insights, and thought-provoking dialogues. Each episode invites listeners into a world where self-improvement, resilience, and holistic well-being take center stage.

Joining the Journey

For those seeking a companion that transcends the traditional bounds of fitness and dives into the depths of human experience, "The Rich Roll Podcast" beckons. Whether you're chasing personal records or exploring the intricacies of clean living, Rich Roll's podcast serves as a catalyst for transformation, a roadmap towards a more enlightened, healthier, and purposeful life.

So, lace up your shoes, hit play, and embark on a long-run journey accompanied not just by the rhythm of your footsteps but also by the enlightening conversations of "The Rich Roll Podcast."

The Rich Roll Website
The Rich Roll Instagram
The Rich Roll YouTube
The Rich Roll Spotify

4. The Drop

The Drop by Believe in The Run: A Unique Perspective on Running Culture

Step into the world of "The Drop" by Believe in The Run, a podcast that seamlessly intertwines the love for running with a passion for dissecting the very shoes that carry athletes through their journeys. Far beyond mere shoe reviews, this podcast, led by multiple testers, offers an engaging and conversational platform that delves into race recaps, interviews with top athletes, shoe creators, designers, and more.

The Shoe Chronicles

While running shoe reviews take center stage in this podcast, or at least somewhere kinda' near the center, "The Drop" elevates the discussion by offering firsthand experiences and insights from multiple testers. From in-depth analyses of the latest releases to genuine, conversational episodes where shoes are not just critiqued but lived and felt, this podcast brings an authentic understanding of footwear that resonates with runners seeking the perfect fit.

Race Recaps and Engaging Conversations

Listeners are treated not only to discussions about shoes but also to race recaps that provide a front-row seat to events like the Chicago Marathon. Beyond the race summaries, the hosts share their experiences, including meetups and interactions that further enrich the storytelling aspect, creating an immersive experience for their audience.

Diverse and Exclusive Interviews

"The Drop" goes the extra mile by featuring a range of interviews that extend beyond the conventional spectrum. From conversations with top athletes to chats with shoe creators, designers, and personalities seldom heard elsewhere, the podcast offers an eclectic mix of interviews that intrigue, inform, and entertain.

A Fusion of Informative and Relatable

What sets "The Drop" apart is its ability to blend informative content with genuine, relatable conversations. It's not just about technical shoe specifications or race statistics; it's about creating a space where listeners feel connected, understood, and part of a community passionate about running and the gear that propels it.

A Unique Lens on Running Culture

For those craving a deeper dive into the world of running culture, shoe technology, and engaging conversations that extend beyond the ordinary, "The Drop" by Believe in The Run stands as a beacon. It offers a lens through which listeners can view races, shoes, and interviews from a unique and insightful perspective.

So, if you're seeking a podcast that doesn't just discuss shoes but lives and breathes them while exploring the multifaceted world of running, "The Drop" promises an immersive, enlightening, and thoroughly enjoyable experience with every episode. Strap on your shoes and tune in for a journey that delves into the heart and sole of running culture.

The Drop Website
The Drop Instagram
The Drop YouTube

5. The Relaxed Running Podcast

The Relaxed Running Podcast: Elite Insights, Casual Conversations

Join "The Relaxed Running Podcast" for exclusive discussions with top runners, coaches, and experts in a laid-back yet insightful setting. Dive into training, nutrition, hydration, and racing strategies with ease, gaining invaluable takeaways that fast-track your running journey. This podcast isn't just casual chatter; it's a treasure trove of wisdom, offering a shortcut to excellence in distance running. From mental tactics to recovery methods, each episode crafts a holistic approach to elevate your performance. Tune in and absorb elite insights that reshape your running experience, helping you sprint toward your goals with the wisdom of those who've conquered the course.

The Relaxed Running Website
The Relaxed Running Instagram
The Relaxed Running YouTube

6. Run Culture Podcast

Run Culture Podcast: Where Running Passion Meets Insight

Enter the world of the Run Culture Podcast, where running aficionados find their home. Hosted by Dane Verwey, an accomplished running physiotherapist and a 20-year distance runner, this podcast unearths captivating conversations within the realm of running.

Dane engages in thought-provoking interviews with runners, coaches, mentored athletes (the Runculture owls), and health professionals. These discussions aim to inspire learning and progression within the running community.

For those deeply entrenched in the running world, this podcast serves as an invaluable resource, offering engaging dialogues and shared insights that nurture a collective understanding. Tune in to broaden your running perspectives alongside passionate experts and enthusiasts alike.

The Run Culture Website
The Run Culture Instagram
The Run Culture Spotify

7. Choose Strong

Choose Strong: Empowering Life through Strength and Courage

Tune in to "Choose Strong," hosted by Eddie and Sally McRae, a podcast dedicated to embracing strength over fear in life's diverse situations. Sally, a pro athlete, wife, mother, and business owner, shares candid insights, raw stories, and engaging interviews, encouraging listeners to lead a courageous life.

With a narrative woven around the essence of strong mind, body, and love, each episode offers valuable discussions on running, wellness, mindset, parenting, life balance, social media's impact, and staying motivated while chasing goals. Sally sees running as a metaphor for life, infusing her experiences into the show.

Sally McRae, a Nike Mountain runner, epitomizes resilience. Despite being labeled an "old athlete" at 39, her career stands as a testament to enduring strength. Racing 50k to 135 miles globally, Sally defies age stereotypes, earning admiration from fans, peers, and brands. Her personality and relatability, both on and off social media, magnetize a broad audience and industry endorsement.

While her athletic prowess thrives in California's serene landscape, Sally's childhood filled with manual labor fostered physical strength and grit. This upbringing, coupled with her relentless dedication to ultra-distance running, dismantles the notion of California's perceived softness.

"Choose Strong" isn't just a podcast; it's a catalyst for fortitude in everyday life. Sally McRae embodies resilience, inspiring others to embrace strength, courage, and determination in their journey toward a fulfilling life.

Choose Strong Website
Choose Strong Instagram
Choose Strong YouTube

8. Trail Running Nation

Trailer Runner Nation: Where the Trail Running Journey Unfolds

Trail Runner Nation has journeyed through over 500 episodes, a milestone that initially seemed unfathomable. From pre-taping show preparations with guest Bob Crowley, President of ITRA and Trail Animals Running co-founder, to present-day, the podcast stands as one of trail running's enduring and highly-downloaded shows.

Don and Scott, the driving forces behind Trail Runner Nation, reflect on their remarkable journey. Despite Scott's occasional calf muscle pull during runs (definitely not skipping over rattlesnakes!), their passion for trail running remains undiminished.

Their gratitude extends to their loyal Trail Runner Nation, acknowledging the pivotal role listeners play in their podcast's success. They invite engagement, encouraging feedback, show ideas, or simple hellos. Trail Runner Nation is a collaborative venture, nourished by the community's involvement.

Join Don and Scott on this trail running adventure, where each episode promises to encapsulate the essence of this incredible sport. As they continue to explore new ideas and collaborations, Trail Runner Nation remains a testament to their dedication and love for trail running. Happy trails!

Trail Runner Nation Website
Trail Runner Nation Instagram
Trail Runner Nation YouTube

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