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The Do's & Dont's - 1 Hour Before Your Race

The Do's & Dont's - 1 Hour Before Your Race

Over the last couple of months I've attended heaps of events.

We've been lucky enough to be invited to a bunch of different running events - grassroots, competitive and community events, to setup our marquee and brand activation.

It's something I really love doing.

There's nothing quite like the running community. The sense of excitement, comradery and positivity is unrivalled.

We usually setup really early - well before any runners have arrived. Sometimes before they've even woke up.

Usually we're setup, or setting up around 2-3 hours before the event kicks off.

In the lead up to a race I'm always really interested in what runners do, and don't do.

Now, mind you it's different for every runner, and every race, depending on the competitiveness and level of racing.

But there are some things that should be done (or not done) whether it's your first even race, or your 20th.

Here are my do's and dont's in the one hour leading up to a race.


We often have a great vantage point of the congregation point for the race. I'm always amazed at the influx of runners arriving late and having to jog (or sometimes sprint) to the starting line.

There is nothing worse than starting a race with your heart rate already at 140bpm, or having already done 1km more than everyone else running from your car to the start line.

Get there early. Chill. Be prepared.

Arriving early not only ensures you have ample time to settle in and mentally prepare, but it also allows you to avoid the stress of rushing and guarantees a smoother start to your race day experience.


It's a nervous energy, I get it.

You want to make sure you're ready to go when the starting gun goes off, but it's a fine line in overdoing it.

The reason you don't want to overdo it is because you're likely to get fatigued quicker during your race.

You need every little bit of energy out on the course. Do what you need to do to warm up, but don't over extend.


But not too much! It's important to be well-hydrated for your race. But that process starts days, even weeks before race day.

In the final hour before your race you just want to be taking a few slow sips of your water or electrolyte drink as a final top up.


One of the hard things about race day is concerning yourself with what everyone else is doing (or not doing).

It's important to go in with your own plan and stick to it. If you see someone running up and down the start line with 3 minutes to do and find yourself wondering if you should be doing that, the answer is probably no.

If you see someone with their full tracksuit on with 60 seconds to go, don't worry, you're good.

Everyone has a different routine - stick to yours.


I highly recommend getting to the event early and using the allocated bathrooms as soon as you get there.

Let me tell you, there's a thousand other runners (or more) that have been hydrating well for days. There's a good chance most of them will use the bathroom.

Get there early, use the bathroom and get on with your prep.

There's nothing worse than standing in a long bathroom queue wondering if you'll make the starting line in time, or maybe worse, have to run on a full bladder.

These are my do's and dont's for the one hour leading up to race. Remember to keep it simple, stay relaxed and stick your own routine.

You've got this.

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