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Newsletter #7 - New socks, 50% sold out & the future of Runly

Newsletter #7 - New socks, 50% sold out & the future of Runly

Thursday March 9th 2023


It's been a big week. I'm tired, but excited.
15 days ago we received our biggest ever order of Runly Vests. We're now officially more than 50% sold out. It's wild! My wrist is getting sore from handwriting each order and thank you note!
If you're new here, I'm Robbie, Runly Founder. In this weekly email I share my honest update about what's happening with the Runly brand and a little bit of food for thought.
If you missed the news a couple of days ago, we've got brand new very colourful, very loud socks. They are the ultimate running socks designed with a stretchy and comfy cotton material. I'm obsessed.
Choose from electric yellow, hot hot pink or black with neon.
One thing that fills me with drive & motivation every day is the positive feedback I receive. Emails, Insta DM's and texts. See one here yesterday:
Customer Review Runly
My goals and ambition in all of this is to make the running experience better.
I often find myself wondering what the future of Runly might look like in the years to come. Is it changing the 'runwear' game with more practical and specific running attire, is it giving the hydration space a lift, perhaps it's helping runners to be better through education.
Whatever it is, whatever it may be, I'm staying true to the goal of bettering the running experience - whatever form that may come in.
Part of that running experience is community. If you haven't joined our Team Runly Facebook Group yet, be sure to do so. It's a great way to connect with other runners and get updates on the brand.
If you're one of the many legendary runners across Australia who are running with Runly, it would help me a lot if you can leave a review here. It helps another potential Runly customer know what it's like being part of this tremendous running community :)
BTW if you haven't got yourself a Runly Vest yet, head over to our website and pick one up.
If you've got a question, any feedback or if there's something you want to read about next week just reply to this email :)
Run well,

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