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We've Run Out Of Cash

We've Run Out Of Cash

Hey Guys!

Okay, sorry about the dramatic subject line 😅
I promise you we're good.
Let me explain.
I've always said this newsletter is about giving you a real behind the scenes of the brand.
Not just the fun stuff. Or the new stuff. Or the shiny stuff.
Well, we've run out of cash.
But don't worry, we knew this has been coming for months.
Now, let me tell you in no uncertain terms: this has been planned, and it's a good thing.
Over the last couple of months we've been on pre-order because we haven't been able to keep up with the crazy demand!
It means we had a bit of a cash surplus. But as soon as we paid for that stock and the costs to ship it all out, well, it was a big hit.
But again, a planned hit.
You see, never in Runly's history have we ever been so invested in stock - both current stock and new orders that we've already placed.
It's a good problem to have.
It's a sign that we're growing and expanding with the need to constantly invest in stock.
If you've been reading this newsletter for a while, you know that I started Runly on my own.
It has always been self-funded.
I put my own cash in to start, and I grew this beautiful brand and community on my own for the first two years.
The way we operate hasn't actually changed too much.
On Jan 1 this year I was able to start paying myself a small salary to allow me to focus on Runly full time.
We've added on Jay, our first employee to build out our partnerships.
Now we've invested a lot into more product so that we don't have to keep doing pre-orders.
A win for everyone.
Better for you. And frankly, better for me!
Pre-orders are incredibly time-consuming and stressful.
Every single day I'm updating spreadsheets, allocating stock, liasing with suppliers, liaising with delivery partners and if you read my newsletter last week - it doesn't always go to plan.
Now we've got some options to keep growing.
Because we are growing, we're able to get some really handy finance options to continue our growth which every growing business needs at some point.
So that's all.
Apologies if I scared you! But I thought it would be interesting to share what's happening in the background.
Good problems. Lots of growth. Bigger communities. New product designs. More stock.
Bring on the rest of 2024.


Recently I have been writing features on awesome runners from the Runly community.

I've been wanting to profile Emma for a while.


This Sunday we're heading down the highway to setup at the Peninsula Running Fest.

1,000 runners will be taking part in this part-road, part-trail event across the scenic trails of Mornington Peninsula.

If you're in the area, come say hi! We'll be showcasing all of our products including the new Pink R700 and OG2 Running Vest Collection.



A few community updates & links;

🏃 Join TEAM RUNLY on Strava here.
👋 Read some of our awesome runner stories here.
🔥 Some really top deals on now.

She's an absolute weapon. A legend.

Read about Emma's story here.



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