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Newsletter #3 - Brand update, restock & running club.

Newsletter #3 - Brand update, restock & running club.


Thursday Feb 9th 2023


If you're reading your first ever Runly newsletter, welcome!

I'm Robbie, the founder of Runly (pictured above running up the Victorian Alpine and struggling big time). This newsletter is a chance for me to share an open and honest update about what's happening in the brand, and of course a bit of running chat. Let's get into it.


It's been a big week at Runly HQ (which is not yet as glamorous as it sounds). We've launched our restock campaign with Runly Vests finally being restocked after selling out twice.

If you were one of the lucky ones that were part of the earlybird pre-order, your orders will be heading out first when stock arrives.

For our new friends & those that have joined the waiting list for the new release - get excited because this launch is going to be huge.

BTW, there's something very frustrating about tracking goods. You know the feeling I'm sure. You've got something exciting on the way to you (like a Runly Vest) and it just crawls like a snail. That's how I feel about the Runly stock right now 😆. It's in Sydney right now, hopefully departing there soon and en route to Runly HQ in Melbourne.

It's been really cool to see people signing up for the restock waiting list. If you haven't already, you can can do it here.

I really want this brand to be a community. Please join the Team Runly private Facebook group here.


For the coffee drinkers out there, your relationship with your barista is a unique one. Here in Melbourne, it's perhaps amplified by our coffee obsession - and need to tell everyone about it.

Yesterday I was chatting to my local barista, and he mentioned he’s part of this running club. Loves it, gets up at 5am every Saturday morning. Runs a couple of laps with a group of like-minded people. Gets home by 8am and he's already achieved something great for the day.

It really made me think about running communities. Although running is an individual sport or activity by nature, we really thrive in groups. Being a part of a community is the best part about it. That's the experience we really want to be a part of.

Back to my barista, I love how he got involved. After doing a few runs by himself in the local area, he really wanted to connect and run with other people. He posted on Instagram asking if anyone wanted to run with him tomorrow. Someone replied and said, 'hey why don't you come down to this running club I'm part of tomorrow'. And the rest was history. He swears by it. Rain, hail or shine he's there. Connecting, forging relationships, being better than he was last week.

I love everything about that. That's what I want Runly to be and feel like for you. Half of this is designing and creating products that enhance the running experience for you, the other half is building a community of like-minded runners. Whether you're doing a couch to 5km, or you're a seasoned ultra runner, you're welcome here.

Get involved by joining the Team Runly Facebook Group here and introduce yourself!

Til' next week.

Run well,