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Runmas, Stress Fracture & New Stock.

Runmas, Stress Fracture & New Stock.

Hey Guys!

2023 is fast coming to a close and as much as it is a time for reflection, there's still so much work to be done!
It's been a wild year this year, one that has really put Runly on the map.
But I'm not going to talk too much about that today, I'll save that for the final email of the year.
For now, it's all hands on deck.
I've been working around the clock to try and get stock in, working on two new products for 2024 and I've also been dealing with some personal injury woes.
Let's get into it.

📦 Stock Update

I've had many-a sleepless night in the last two weeks.
We've got a bunch of pre-orders for our R700 Hydration Vest and stock has been delayed.
You couldn't script it - we've dealt with a cyber attack on the port we were meant to dock at, a union strike at the port and then throw in some of the craziest logistical congestion we've seen since covid times.
Sounds fun, hey?
It's looking likely we'll be able to get all pre-orders sent out by next week. I can't thank you enough for your patience & understanding!
On top of that, I've been planning out some exciting things for 2024 including a couple of new products.
I'm in the design & sampling process as we speak, fine tuning some of the design elements.
I'm really keen to share these with you early next year!

😤 Stress Fracture 

For the last 12 months or so I've been dealing with some niggling knee pain that comes and goes.
After a period of loading the pain is very acute at the bottom of my knee.
Finally, after many appointments it's been diagnosed as a stress fracture.
It's really frustrating for me as I was starting to hit a really strong period of consistency.
But on top of that, just last week I set a big goal for 2024. I'm now questioning whether it's even possible with so many unknowns.
Either way, I'll let you know what that goal is in the coming weeks and whether it will actually be possible!
I'll be doing a lot more bike riding than running now to manage my knee for the next little block.
And let me tell you, I've been using my R700 Hydration Vest for my bike rides recently and it works an absolute charm!

🎄 Runmas Is Here!

If you haven't heard the news, it's Runmas!
We've dropped a special offer on our online store. You can check it out here.
That's all for this week.
Run well,

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