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Taking Things To Heart, Strava + New Belts

Taking Things To Heart, Strava + New Belts

Hey guys!

It’s been a stressful 72 hours.

You know me, in this weekly email I share the good stuff, but I also like to share the challenges, too.

I personally think it’s just as important, if not more to share the stuff that’s hard.

Because good things are built on the back of adversity and challenges.

If you’ve ever trained for a marathon, you know the training isn’t easy.

There’s days where you don’t feel like running, when you can’t run as much as you would like or maybe you get a niggle or injury along the way.

The journey makes it even sweeter when you cross the finish line.

Around 72 hours ago we had to make an update to our email system so that we stay compliant with the big email guys - Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc.

The problem is we seem to now be having some issues with our emails. The irony.

Now, if you’ve been reading this email for a while, you know I can sometimes take things to heart.

So when I had two customers message my personal Instagram disappointed in the customer service, you absolutely know I took that to heart.


Because sure, I pride myself on offering top notch customer support, but more than that, I always just want to be a good human and make sure that customers are happy.

If you’ve ever emailed the Runly customer service before, there’s a 99% chance you’ve had me reply to you. I still manage customer service emails because I think it’s really important.

Sure, there might come a time in the future when it’s not possible for me to personally reply to every email. But that time is not now.

So it hit me hard to get a two messages from disappointed customers who felt like the only way to get support was to reach out to me personally on Instagram.

In turns out that after we updated our system, some emails aren’t making it to us, and vice versa, some of our email replies aren’t getting to the customers inbox.


If you have emailed in the last 72 hours and haven’t received a reply, please, reply to this email with your mobile number, or DM @runly.athletics on Instagram with your mobile number and I will call you!

I promise you I'm here to help!

Small Magic Moments

This Sunday we’ll be heading to Flinders Running Festival for our first event!

Oh by the way, I’ve setup a page with our upcoming events. I’ll be updating this regularly when new events are confirmed. View Events Here.

You know, it’s a lot of effort for us to get to events. Packing up the car with all of our equipment - marquee, tools, tables, posters, shelves, hangers, payment system and not to mention stock. Travel, setup, pack down and more travel.

But it’s so worth it.

For me, I don’t care about whether or not we sell a single running vest at events that we attend this year. That’s not what it’s about.

It’s about engaging with the running community, meeting you - the Runly legends and just getting amongst it.

It’s these little magic moments that add up for me, but also for Runly as a brand.

Genuine connection. People. Community.

If you're there, come say hi!


Guys, our Strava is kicking off! We’ve got 164 members in the Team Runly Strava Club. Let’s get it to 200 members today! If you’re on Strava and you haven’t joined Team Runly yet, tap here.

Running Belts

Good news! If you pre-ordered our Glide Running Belt in the last few weeks - they arrived last night ahead of schedule and are being sent off today.

It’s wild to me that we launched these less than two months ago and now they’re almost sold out for the second time!

The feedback on both our Black Glide Running Belt and the Pink Glide Running Belt has been awesome, with the biggest feedback being how good they are at not bouncing! Which is ultimately why we created them.

That’s all for this week.

I hope this email gave you a bit of an insight into the ups and down and what goes on behind the scenes.

As always, run well.

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