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Reflection & Running Wild

Reflection & Running Wild

Hey guys!


Wow. 50 weekly emails.The half-century. raises bat

I've thoroughly enjoyed writing these emails each week to you, Runly fam.

It's never felt like something I've forced myself to do, I really enjoy sharing the Runly journey with you - both the good and the bad.

When I started writing these emails almost a year ago, Runly was a very different brand.

A different business.

To be honest with you, it was more of a hobby than a business.

But the last 12 months have been wild, we’ve really started to build momentum as a trusted option in the running world.

Running wild, I like to say.

And I hope you get something from these emails too! With that, let’s get into the 50th edition.


I’ve been in the world of brands and direct-to-consumer retail for over a decade. January is usually painfully slow.

But not this year.

It was fun!

Sure, sales were better than expected. But we were able to engage with a lot of good people, setup partnerships with some events and even launch our new pink collection.

And on that note, I posted on my personal Instagram earlier in the week that the orders from the first 12 days of Feb were more than the entire year of 2022.

Now, let me say that 2022 was not a good year on the order-front.

Let’s call it a ‘building year’.

But it does kinda’ show just how far the brand has come and how fast it is growing.

It is exciting.

I’m now full-time on Runly and enjoying every minute.


Our little Runly community is building on Strava! if you haven’t got yourself on there yet, do it! I’ll be posting a lot more over there.


I’m wanting to share the stories of Runly customers and their running journeys.

If you’ve got an interesting running story, like overcoming adversity, running some crazy race, creating a community or anything in-between, I want to hear from you!

Tell me your running story here for a chance to be featured on the website and in future newsletters!

That’s all for this week.

As always, run well! Robbie

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