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Trail Mara, Mid-Year Sale & Amazing Responses!

Trail Mara, Mid-Year Sale & Amazing Responses!

Hey guys!

It's been a busy week at HQ!
Let me break it down for you.
On Saturday we were invited down to the Surf Coast Trail Marathon for the first time down on the Great Ocean Road.
Although the weather gods didn't turn it on, it was a great day and an epic event.
If you're considering doing an event on trail, this is a good one to lock in for next year.
One thing I love about running is the community. The vibes at these events are just amazing.
When we're up at 4am, half-asleep in the freezing cold, we question (sometimes) what on earth we're doing.
But once we are at the event, setup and talking to some absolute legends there's nowhere we'd rather be.
I like to think that it's a bit of a point of difference for us.
A personal touch. Being engaged in the running community.
Not just the elite events like some of our international competitors, but at the grassroots level.
Real community events with real people.
Let me tell you though, it's not easy.
The last few weeks have been busy and I worked out today that this is my 20th day of working in a row.
But I'm not complaining.
Not at all.
It's an absolute privilege to do what I do each and every day and to be honest, half of the time it doesn't even feel like 'work'.
We do have a little bit of a break between events now for a few weeks, but I absolutely love it and I'm so glad that we've made it a focus for our brand.
Our mid-year sale has just gone live! There's 35% off storewide - running vests, belts, hydration vests and socks all included.
Some epic deals to be had.
As we head into winter here in Australia, I put out the question in last week's newsletter about whether or not you think running is 'seasonal'.
Here's just a handful of the great responses I had back:
"last month I Ran / walked 425km (my biggest Month) , so for me 😊 its all year Round!"
"Running is all year round! Especially for those, such as myself, consistently setting goals or new races to complete.
I recently did a half marathon in Bridgewater (Regional Vic), a small event, but wonderful. It was 2 degrees. There we all were, frozen, wearing shorts and shirts and enjoying every moment. The only thing that may slow me down or change my schedule are the damn magpies. Bastards!
"Running definitely isn't seasonal for me and the people I seem to interact with online. It's a way of life, a way of gaining mental freedom from life's battles. And a way to build on our mental strength."
"For me it is seasonal. I actually tend to run more in the colder months, I get up at 4am and get my km's in. I'm not sure what it is but I enjoy the cold when running and the battle in your mind, getting up when its cold and hard, knowing that most people are tucked up in bed cause its to cold and im out there getting it."
There were so many more responses but unfortunately I can't share them all!
If you're wanting to get in on the discussion, yesterday I asked our Strava group 'What time do you prefer to run in winter?'

Get involved in the discussion and check out the responses here.

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